SocietalSystem ( StS )
The primary must-have instrument for societal recognition, lifelong learning, convivial integration and qualitative personal growth,
including professional careers, for every citizen of our planet.

Personal Own-Domain Site and offline Set System
SocietalSystem advocates and orchestrates the creation of a Personal Own-Domain Site for every citizen of the world !

Personal identity, personal content decision and creation, without external meddling or exploitation.
Structured to induce the full development of one's proper capacities, and to interact creatively and convivially with the whole local-global society.

Technically based on original modulable tools, offline produced and stored.
The whole Personal Own-Domain Set is elaborated in Open Source Software, including LibreOffice, the free desktop suite.
All webpage models are programmed to be not-indexed by the search engines. Which can be changed by the site owner, only.
Basic price for a personal own-domain + site: 15 € per year, all-in.
Key-features for a site at the SocietalSystem-Server Partner include: Domain name ( .com, .org, .net ), 2 GB space, 2 GB mailbox, 1 FTP account.

Do you have a dispersed online identity, with poor privacy and commercially exploited, or your own-domain, offline based, online platform ?
Test your e-independence ! ( shortly active )

Personal Own-Domain Site Example
To personalize colours, lettertypes, background, animations, object and content of subsites, pages and files, plug-ins, apps, etc.
To make available online or not, with or without password, per subsite, page or file.
The original version of the whole platform is supposed to be offline. Online are only copies.

Site Versions
Version with Name in SubSites and Files names, as the given model online.
Advantage: easily recognizable.
Version with Code in SubSite and File names.

Advantage: excellent in multicriteria storage and search > find.

Each Section Site contains standard
a homepage ( index.html ), a blank table-file ( .ods ) and presenation-file ( .odp )
as well as the empty folder Downloads, Drafts and SocietalSystemFiles.

A number of Sites contain a series of SubSites, as Societal Sectors, Disciplines, etc.
A number of External Links Sites contain already links to Partner Sites. They can simply be removed or replaced by the own-domain site owner.

Most Site Homepages carry a link to one or more corresponding WebSites and Files in the SocietalSystem-Platform.

Connections with other
Entity or Personal Own-Domain Site Owners on the Global Societal Network.
Offers-Requests of Estate, Investments, Products and Services, with or without money, on the Global-Local Socio-economy Market.
Participation in Citizens' steered Societal Co-Governance Deliberations, towards the next European Elections, on the Europe 2019 Societal Deliberations Forum.

Open Source Software, including:
Web editor: Kompozer, System: Ubuntu, Office Suite:, Photo editing: gimp, Search on PC: search everything, FTP: Filezilla,
Reference: Selection 1.200 Open Source Programs
Proprietary Software, all free basic version except indicated €, including:
Replace text in html: Textpad, Replace Filenames: Renamer, Replace File + Folder names:  Bulk Rename Utility,
Mass Replacing Text in html or txt: WildEdit ( +- 12 € ), Web Editor MS Expression 4,
MS Windows €, MS Office €, ...

Server Group:,,, ...

Shortly online for Crowd-Construction
Personal Own-Domain System Complete Set of Sites and Files in one Compressed File
Personal Own-Domain System Central DataBase

DataBase Blank Model Screenshot
Thousands of Personal Data Items through 100+ Sections, all cross-over searchable and combinable.
A unique personal development and organization tool, with a strong e-rationalization effect, and dito savings and performance for the person.
Multicriteria DataBase, elaborated in LibreOffice Base format, available on request to SocietalSystem-Partners en Members.

Recommandations for Personal Information Management
Avoid subscriptions on platforms that do not strictly respect privacy. Create and maintain your own-domain site + offline set.
Keep your personal documents offline, possibly on a computer, not connected to the internet.
Avoid posting personal pictures online, except one or two formal ones.

Examples of Entity Surveys and Tests

Personal Own-Domain Site Training, Coaching and Consulting
Conferences, Demos, Workshops, Expositions, Excursions, ...
Training Program Personal Own-Domain Site and offline Set

URL: - Update: 13.01.2015
- Skype-ID: globplex & Associates